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The Best Bar Girls In Vietnam!

Kims Tavern Bar

Vietnam bar girls outside Kims bar
sexy-bar-girls-holding-loveheart fingers-at-kims-tavern

Best Night In Saigon

Be Treated Like A King By The Best Vietnam Bar Girls

So you have had your bowl of Pho, visited the Bitexco, and worn a Non la hat around some of the local and most well-known tourist spots in Saigon…You look down at your list and think, well, that’s Ho Chi Minh City & Vietnam done, right?… Wrong!

You missed one of the best (and most important) cultural experiences! Hanging out with our beautiful bar girls at Kims Bar in District 1 close by the notoriously naughty Pasteur Street!

We Provide The Perfect Ingredients For A Great Night At Kims Tavern Bar

Sexy Bar

We have up to 15 sexy bar girls serving our kings to ensure you are never waiting to be served.

Best Selection Of Drinks

From beer to the finest Patron, we have an excellent variety of drinks available to wet your whistle.

& Hookah

Kick back and relax with some shisha with your favorite girl. We have awesome flavors to choose from!


Want the night to go off with a bang? Then our party balloons will certainly make sure that happens.


Don’t miss your favorite team! We have all the live sports for you to watch whilst having a cold beer!

Check Out Our Exclusive Daily Offers & Events

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Mad Monday

Looking for the best place to go out in Saigon on Monday night? look no further than Kims Tavern

Hover to reveal our Mad Monday offer and secret offer code!

Buy 1 Bottle of Spirits And Get 1 Bottle Free!

Yes you guessed it! We are as mad as a box of frogs on Mad Monday. We dedicate this day to all the other crazies who like us believe the week starts on Tuesday!!
Secret Offer Code: Bouncing Boobies
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Tasty Tuesday

The best night in HCMC on Tuesday is our Tasty Tuesday night at Kims Tavern! Come enjoy your night with you favourite girl

Take advantage of our Tuesday night with our special promotion! Hover to reveal!!

Buy 3 Beers & Recieve A Free Lap Dance

Hmmn tasty tuesday!! Get yourself in the mood with some ice cold beers and after your 3rd, get your favourite girl to give you lap dance for free!
Secret Offer Code: Come To Papa
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Wicked Wednesday

Wondering where to go on Wednesday night in Ho Chi Minh? Kims Tavern has a wicked Wednesday planned for you!

Hover to reveal our Wicked Wednesday offer and secret offer code!

25% Off All Drinks!!

Vietnam is known for its cheap alcohol and beautiful girls! Imagine getting and extra 25% off as well? How wicked must you be to accept such a great offer on a Wednesday!!!
Secret Offer Code: Yes Daddy
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Thirsty Thursday

Thursdays at Kims Tavern Bar is the best night you can have in Saigon! Our sexy girls are going to make you thirsty for more with our offer!

Hover to reveal our Thirsty Thursday offer and secret offer code!

15% Off All Lager

We know our kings have travelled from far off places, rest a while and quench your thirst!! "No Sir, one beer is not enough!"
Secret Offer Code: Wet & Juicy
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Fun Friday

Do you want some fun on your Friday night in HCMC? Come and join the girls and have some fun at Kims Tavern

Hover to reveal our Fun Friday offer and secret offer code!

Buy 2 Party Balloons & Get 1 Free

Make your Friday go off with a 'bang'! Enjoy getting hard sorry high with your girl and have some fun and laughter with our eye 'popping' offer
Secret Offer Code: Say Ahhh
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Smokin' Saturday

If you are in TP.HCM on Saturday and want to know the best night then we have our Smokin' Saturdays at Kims Tavern

Hover to reveal our Smokin' Saturday offer and secret offer code!

Free Shisha For Every 1 Million VND Spend

Blow some smoke hoops with your sexy bar girl and look like a boss with your Shisha! We some awesome flavours to suit everyone!! Come Smokin' with us this Saturday!
Secret Offer Code: Blow Me
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Sexy Sunday

Our Sunday Nights at Kims Tavern Bar In Ho Chi Minh City is the place to be? Sexual tension is explosive

Hover to reveal our Sexy Sunday offer and secret offer code!

Buy 1 Ice Cold Beer & Get Another One Free!

There is nothing more sexier than a good BOGOF offer! Well as long as you do not count our gorgeous bar girls. Come get drunk at Kims Tavern Bar for half the price!
Secret Offer Code: Will You Marry Me

We Never Kiss & Tell

Secrets Are Always Safe At Kims Tavern Bar

When you come to Kims Tavern bar and spend time with our girls, you will soon realize that not only are the girls some of the most beautiful girls you will set your eyes upon, but they will become the best friends you wished you would have always had.

Let’s face it; you guys hate talking about problems with your buddies and pals. But our girls are ready to listen to you and care about how your day has gone at work, any relationship troubles you might be going through, and more.

Our bar girls are super supportive and happy for you to get off whatever is on your chest. Leaving you to feel on top of the world.

grayscale photo of vietnam bar girl doing silent hand sign

The Cheapest Drinks In All Of HCMC

Kims Tavern is one of the oldest and most successful girlie bars in Ho Chi Minh because we have fair, honest, and upfront front pricing!

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50,000 VND Equivalent (please note exchange rates fluctuate)
2.18 USD usa-flag
1.57 GBP UK-flag
239 YEN japan-flag
1.83 EUR eu-flag
2.84 AUD australia-flag
2434 WON korea-flag

Don't Be A Banh Mi & Spend Some Time With Me!

Are You New To Vietnam Or Going To A Girly Bar?

We know it can feel a bit overwhelming, but our main aim is to make you feel comfortable coming and spending some time with us. So please have a look at some of the recently asked questions and our Google & Facebook reviews!

Google Reviews

Kim's Tavern IconKim's Tavern

20 Đường Huỳnh Thúc Kháng, Bến Nghé

4.6 166 reviews

  • Avatar Kevin Hemmerijckx ★★★★★ a week ago
    This bar is in the party area … More of HCMC. The service is great and very attentive. The bar staff are mixing gods Tun and Trancy can make you a killer cocktail. The bar has a friendly and open fun atmosphere and everybody has a smile and is very accommodating. Just cone in and relax and enjoy fun fun fun
  • Avatar Brian Crosby ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    We came in shortly after opening … More and had a great friendly bartender, chill atmosphere, good music and overall great experience!
  • Avatar Purge imports ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    Lucy and the girls are very … More friendly and welcoming. Definitely the most reliable, safe and affordable bar in Ho chi Minh.
  • Avatar Rohit S ★★★★★ a month ago
    Had an amazing time here. … More The staff is courteous and welcoming. And the music is perfect.
  • Avatar Misa Hoàng ★★★★★ a month ago
    5 star for service
    5 star
    … More for reliability
    The gals was very welcoming and friendly. Best bar in sai gon , Việt Nam ❤️


Unfortunately not all girly bars are safe Saigon. There have been many reports of inflated bills, theft and more. We always advise you to choose a girlie bar that has a good reputation such as Kims Tavern Bar which has been open for 10 years (2011). We are also highly rated on Google & facebook! Not only is it about you having an awesome night with our bar girls at Kims Tavern, but your safety is equally our main concern.

We have lots of different guys who come to Kims Tavern Bar in HCMC. Some confident, some shy, some 1st timers and some regulars of 5 or more years. Our bar girls are very attentative and you dont need to worry. If you just want to have a quiet beer and not be disturbed, then thats great our girls will just ensure the beer flows. If you are looking to sit down and share stories with one of our waitresses then thats also great. Our girls are fantastic listeners.

All you have to do is come in take a seat, grab a beer and we will take care of you!

Vietnamese girls are considered to be some of the most beautiful girls on the planet. The good news is Kims Tavern have the best looking bar girls for you to admire.

*Please note we take no part in the reponsibility of you falling head over heals for our beautiful bar girls* :0)

No hostess bars in Vietnam are not the same as in Thailand. Vietnam is a conservative country and adult services are not provided by our bar girls at Kims Tavern.

However a lot of relationships are formed at our bar and especially after the beer has been flowing for a while and you have spent a lot of time together it is not unusual to see lots of flirting, kissing and cuddling!

We have celebrated many marriages at Kims bar where our customers have met the girl of their dreams!

Facebook Reviews

Kim Tavern bar
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Mark Stokes
Mark Stokes
Highly recommend Kim’s, just watch out for this guy
Freddie Finch
Freddie Finch
Timo Körner
Timo Körner
Best Place to Party! We had a big night there...����...cute girls, good Drinks...You should have a try...
Alfred Anderson
Alfred Anderson
ffriendly. great staff and drinksstays open till late
Daniel Ayoub
Daniel Ayoub
Great bar great service great girls great manager
Rodolphe Pecheur
Rodolphe Pecheur
Jaime Tuckwell
Jaime Tuckwell
Michael Kluftinger
Michael Kluftinger
Always good especially for late night fun and friendly staff
Asraful Khan
Asraful Khan
Mehmet Dağ
Mehmet Dağ
Xuongngoc Lan
Xuongngoc Lan
Huyen Thanh Nguyen
Huyen Thanh Nguyen
Awesome place to have fun and very friendly staffs
David Anthony Greatrex
David Anthony Greatrex
Ngọc Hân
Ngọc Hân
Ong Zhi Wei
Ong Zhi Wei
Toru Ito
Toru Ito
Anna Pham
Anna Pham
Shane Hynes
Shane Hynes
Cindy Nguyen
Cindy Nguyen
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