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About Kim's Tavern Girl Bar

Meet Kim, The Owner Of Kims Tavern Girl Bar, A True Pioneer Of The Lady Bar Scene In Saigon

Wow, so where do I begin? Hello guys, I’m Kim, and I am the owner of one of the original and most famous bars to open up in Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon that caters to the fun-loving gentleman of this world 10 years ago!

I appreciate many names given to my establishment,t such as Girly bar, Hostess bar, Gogo bar, etc. But I like to refer to it as our gentleman’s bar.

When I opened Kims Tavern girl bar, it was the only gentleman’s club available. We located ourselves in a small street called Huynh Thuc Khang in the center of District one near walking street and Bitexco; the only things around us were Banh Mi and food sellers, but oh my, has it changed.

We set the blueprint for so many other bars to open and now have a vibrant pub scene in the heart of Ho Chi Minh. However, the one thing that remains consistent with 10 years ago is Kims Tavern Bar, the best bar for Vietnam bar girls!

Kim the owner of of Kim's Tavern Girl Bar near me in Saigon

Our success & longevity as one of the longest-serving gentleman bar is due to the foundation built the bar upon; Trust and Respect. (Oh, and the fact we have the most beautiful bar girls too!) ;0)

10 Years Later & Kims Tavern Is Still The Best Girlie Bar In HCMC

Although a lot smaller than our sisters across the border in Thailand. In 2023 the bar scene is thriving in HCMC with over 50 girlie bars to choose from located in and around Pasteur street, a local street near Kim’s bar and the surrounding local hems all have cool bars.

However, for those of you who have read this far, please be cautious. On the whole, the girl bars in Saigon are safe; however, some are not.

One thing we can promise you at Kims Tavern Girl Bar other than having an amazing time is that you will be safe, respected, and looked after as long as you come in with a respectful mindset too!

Our success & longevity as one of the longest-serving gentleman’s bars is due to the bar’s foundation based upon; Trust and Respect. (Oh, and the fact we have the most beautiful bar girls too!) ;0)

So if you are searching for a girl bar near me when you are visiting Ho Chi Minh City get ready for an amazing night @kimstavern! We cant wait to meet you!

10 is A Magic Number At Kims Tavern

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