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11th Ye(ha)ar Anniversary – Rodeo Birthday Party!

Portrait of sexy brunette cowgirl with revolver, looking at camera.

Our Cowgirls Are Ready & Waiting For Their Hunky Cowboys

Howdy partners! Can you believe that this weekend is the 11th anniversary of Kims Tavern: The best bar in Ho Chi Minh City for a night of fun and frolics with beautiful Vietnamese bar girls!

As far as events go, this is not our ‘first rodeo’, and we have one heck of an epic weekend of redneck, hillbilly cowpunching shenanigans planned for you lucky mustangs!!

Gunslingers Needed To Capture Calamity Nguyen

Calling all Billy The Kids, Sundance Kids or men with no names to help. Our Sheriff has been run out of the tavern by Calamity Nguyen! There is a big bounty on her head for those men brave enough!

Wanted Drunk or Sobre

Wanted Dead Or Alive Poster

This is the last known photo of Calamity Nguyen

Bounty & Spoils All Night For The Victors

There are plenty of riches to be had for our hired gunslinging cowboys:

  • Free Drinks On The Tavern between 6pm & 9pm to give you the courage to duel Calamity Nguyen
  • Buy 2 Bottle & Get 1 Free All night long
  • Treat Your Wounds With The Love & Tenderness Of Our Sexy Cowgirls
  • Enjoy Your Favourite Cowgirl Line Dancing On The Bar
  • Fill Your Boots & Stomach with some Delicious Free BBQ (Ranch sauce not provided)
  • Dance the night away with the favourite wild west tunes from our resident DJ

We Have Called In Reinforces Just In Case Things Get Out Of Hand!

Those who have experienced one of Kim’s Taverns Anniversary Birthday Bashes will know how just busy and barn door crazy it will get. We fill up super quickly. This year we partnered with our most famous outlaw Jesse ‘Bar 22‘ James, next door to Kims Tavern, So we have twice the space and, most importantly, twice the amount of sexy Cowgirls ready to give you a pleasing hoe-down!

29th & 30th July From 7 pm!!

Click Me For Directions

Event Details

Event Name: 11th Ye(ha)ar Anniversary – Rodeo Birthday Party!

Venue: Kims Tavern Bar Saigon

Address: 20 Đường Huỳnh Thúc Kháng, Bến Nghé, Quận 1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

Date & Time: 29th & 30th July 2022 - 7 PM Until Very Late

Price: Free Entry

How The Event Unfolded

See what you enjoyed if you attended or missed if you didn’t!

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