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Our Spooktacular Halloween Party

3 sexy bar girls dressed in halloween costumes at kims tavern bar in ho chi minh.

Our Very Own ‘Kim Van Helsing’ Needs Your Help!

We need strong men…real men! We need vampire slayers to come and help recapture Kim’s Tavern back from the evil Count Lockdownular but be warned you will be in for a freaky Halloween weekend as he has let loose his minions to protect his new lair.

His minions, his ladies of the night, are back sexier than ever, hungrier than ever, and ready to capture their victims to be seduced by their beautiful good looks, fantastic table service, hypnotic conversations, so that you will never want to leave them and be stuck forever.

The Tools To Help You Survive?

Luckily Kim Van Helsing is here to help our brave and courageous men take back the lair from Count Lockdownular.

When you arrive you will get:

  • A Free Elixer shot called Tequila! This magical potion is known to help turn your blood cold so the ghouls, goblins, and ladies of the night cannot smell you to gain you safe passage when you enter.
  • For the men who are smart enough to enter the lair between 6pm and 9pm you will be given the Vest of the Tiger, This magic robe grants you free tiger draught that will possess you with the power of 1000s tigers through your body!
  • Kim Van Helsing is also planning some booby traps to like Sexy Dancers, there beauty shines like the sun, enough to distract even the most sexy, sordid and naughty ladies of the night!
  • There will be other fun and frolics to be had throughout the night!

We Cannot Afford To Wake Count Lockdownular

For your mission to succeed, if we have too many strong slayers arrive to come and help Kim Van Helsing slay the evil vampire, he will smell the trap, and we will fail our mission. We have to follow the rules set out by the HCMC Dragon slaying committee, which states:

  • Lairs are only allowed to allow up to 50% of the slayer capacity
  • To have the blood of a slayer (double vax) or proof they have been bitten before and survived within the last 6 months
  • Slayers have to have distance between them whislt in the layer so they have enough room to use their wooden stake if they need too!

Do You Accept The Challenge To Slay The Evil Count Lockdownular?

Places are limited to be one of our Heroes this weekend! Make sure you reserve a spot, so you do not miss out!

Event Details

Event Name: Our Spooktacular Halloween Party

Venue: Kims Tavern Bar

Address: 20 Đường Huỳnh Thúc Kháng, Bến Nghé, Quận 1,  Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

Date & Time: 2021-10-29 18:00:00

Price: Free

How The Event Unfolded

See what you enjoyed if you attended or missed if you didn’t!

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