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Is Vietnam Safe To Travel To For Your Next Holiday / Vacation In 2024?

*n.b. This is a special guest post about is Vietnam safe to travel is written by one of longest served customers Lance a retired police officer from Kentucky who visited Kim’s the very first year we opened back in 2011 and has visited every year since! Thank you for such a wonderful article Lance! Lot’s of love all the team at Kim’s Tavern Girly Bar…Without further adue, enjoy the article!*

‘Should you be setting your sights on Vietnam for your 2024 holiday?’ This is a question I found myself pondering many moons ago. While some might have reservations due to potential safety concerns, I found the idea of journeying to Vietnam rather appealing. Sure, there might be the occasional hurdle such as bustling traffic and eager street vendors, but I believe these are minor inconveniences in which promised to be an enthralling voyage.

A man pondering the idea of travelling to Vietnam in 2024

Vietnam is a country filled with people known for their warmth and hospitality. Envision yourself journeying from the rich cultural northern highlands, through the historic towns and sun-bathed beaches in the middle, to the lively cities in the south, all set amidst stunning natural landscapes.

Therefore, the question should not just be ‘Is Vietnam safe?’ but ‘How can we best prepare for this potential adventure?’ Let’s delve into this topic together.

Remember, travelling is not just about destination, but it’s also about the journey and the experiences we gather along the way. So let’s be open to the idea of a holiday in Vietnam and find ways to make it a memorable experience. The beauty of travel lies in its ability to expose us to new cultures, tastes, and sights. Don’t let concerns about safety stop you from experiencing the richness Vietnam has to offer. After all, preparation is key to turning potential challenges into unforgettable experiences.

So, should you be travelling to Vietnam in 2024? My answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’. With the right mindset and adequate preparation, your Vietnamese adventure could be one for the books. Remember, travel is a personal journey. It’s about creating unique memories and experiencing the world in your own way. So, set your sights on Vietnam for 2024, prepare well, and let the adventure begin.

Evaluating Safety Concerns in Vietnam

Safe to Travel In Vietnam wooden blocks

Assessing Safety Factors in Vietnam

If you’re considering a trip to Vietnam in 2024, it’s necessary to familiarize yourself with the country’s entry restrictions, quarantine protocols, and visa regulations. This information is central to planning any trip and can greatly enhance your overall experience. I’ve dedicated many hours to learning about these safety procedures, studying the most recent updates, and discussing experiences with other tourists.

Vietnam, known for its relatively low crime rate, is considered a safe destination for travelers. However, it’s worth noting that in busy tourist areas, incidents of minor theft can occur. Therefore, always be mindful of your personal belongings. Despite the increased risk in these areas, the welcoming nature of the locals and the country’s breathtaking views make the journey truly rewarding.

The safety landscape isn’t solely about crime rates. In our current world, health and hygiene practices have taken on new significance. Staying updated with the health situation in Vietnam, including disease prevalence and vaccination rates, is a necessity. Adhering to safety measures such as mask-wearing and maintaining physical distance from others should be part of your travel practices.

Regarding accommodations and transportation, it’s beneficial to review safety procedures and online booking options to ensure a smooth journey. So, as you plan your 2024 visit, stay informed and alert.

Understanding Crime Rates in Vietnam

analyzing vietnam s crime statistics

Understanding The Dynamics of Crime in Vietnam

Vietnam, in comparison to some nations, tends to have a slightly elevated crime rate. However, the most frequently reported crimes are minor offenses such as theft and tourist scams. Prior to my trip to Vietnam, gaining insight into the crime situation was of utmost importance. Generally, Vietnam is a safe destination, with the majority of crimes being property thefts and scams.

Adventurous spirits are welcome, but vigilance is essential. The bustling streets of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City are where you’re most likely to be outsmarted by a swift-handed pickpocket rather than becoming a victim of violent crime. In crowded places and during peak times, the likelihood of petty crime increases, so always keep an eye on your belongings.

As a man, I encourage my fellow female voyagers to adhere to basic safety precautions, especially when it’s dark. Awareness and attentiveness to your environment are vital. Trust me it is easy to fall into the trap of the awe-inspiring landscapes, vibrant culture, and mouthwatering food to not get lost in oneself!

‘Remember, safety doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a conscious choice we make every day.’

Risks and Warnings for Visitors

is Vietnam safe to travel even with pickpocketers?

As an explorer setting foot on the lively roads of Vietnam, you must be watchful for possible hazards and pay attention to significant alerts. It’s wise to stay informed about travel limitations and entry prerequisites, which may vary based on current global health situations.

While Vietnam is generally safe, like all places, never underestimate the importance of health and safety. Issues like food-related illnesses and pollution are potential hazards. Keep a first aid kit at the ready and steer clear of unfiltered water.

Regarding transportation, roads in Vietnam can be bustling and chaotic. Stay conscious of potential dangers and proceed with caution.

Travel Preparations and Useful Information

preparing for travel abroad

Preparing for Your Trip to Vietnam

Let’s discuss the crucial preparations and pertinent details you need to organize your journey to Vietnam in a seamless and pleasant manner.

Begin by verifying if you require a visa. Visitors from certain nations can enter Vietnam without a visa for a specific number of days, while others have the option to secure a Vietnam e-Visa online.

Another crucial aspect not to overlook is travel insurance. Ensure you choose a plan that provides comprehensive coverage, and be knowledgeable about the airline and accommodation cancellation policies. I would recommend something that would give you the ability to have serious surgery in a neighboring country such as Singapore or Thailand where there healthcare is much higher than in Vietnam.

For your well-being, it’s advised to use masks in public spaces mainly due to pollution, and steer clear of busy locations.

First-Time Traveler’s Guide to Vietnam

Saigon from an american traveller in the 1960s

Welcome to my travel plan I took when I visited Vietnam.

A vital part of your initial journey to Vietnam includes knowing the top destinations. Kick-off your journey with Hanoi, the capital city. This city is an artful blend of the East and the West, amalgamating traditional values with the pulse of modern life. Make sure to witness the historic Old Quarter, a living relic of Vietnam’s abundant history.

Head north to immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes such as Halong Bay and the hills of Sapa, which are ideal for trekking enthusiasts. Central Vietnam is home to historic cities like Hoi An and the royal city of Hue. On the other hand, the southern part of the country is recognized for its lively Ho Chi Minh City the home to the best bar In Ho Chi Minh City, the most beautiful girls in Ho Chi Minh City & the best nightlife you could have in HCMC which of course Kim’s Tavern!

Safety Tip: This one is mainly for my fellow guys, but if you come to Vietnam it is must to check out the bar girl scence here in Vietnam, however please be aware not all bars are created equal, and I was unfortunate to find myself on the wrong side of a scam. Always Always check the google reviews of the girly bar you would like to go to. Check to see if they have customer photos, reviews from different nationalities and not strange repetitive reviews, this should give you the best chance to have a memorable girl bar experience you will remember for your lifetime!

Finally after one to many beers, take some R&R and enjoy the unique floating markets of the Mekong Delta.


Is Vietnam a secure destination for my holiday in 2024?

The answer is a resounding yes! Despite minor challenges such as crowded streets and pushy vendors, these elements add to the unique allure of Vietnam.

Through careful planning and intelligent travel choices, I’m set to experience the breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural diversity, and warm-hearted locals.

I propose we welcome the thrill and immerse ourselves in the enchanting narrative of Vietnam. After all, isn’t the essence of travel to experience the unfamiliar and exciting?

And lastly, thank you Kim for all the memories, the laughs, the tale of the mysterious cupboard (if you know you know haha), and even allowing me to share some of my lifes unexpected hard and sad times. Again thank you and I wish Kim’s Tavern a successful 2024 and beyond!

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